Why Email


Is Important 

With over 264 billion emails sent around the world each day, if you’re not using email marketing as part of your marketing strategy, you might as well be sending market share directly to your competition. Research consistently shows Email marketing has the best ROI of any online marketing strategy. 


Why Use Our Services   

We are able to help with email marketing strategies, design and monitor the email success rate for you company. Email marketing is a great way to re-target clients with your promotions or messages.  Through certain tools we are able to send you a graph of who in particular clicked on specific link / product in the email and even how many times. This allows your sales team to know what customers should be targeted more closely. We will often run multiple a/b tests and timing experiments to re-evaluate constant change in customers patterns season to season.


If you are interested in how target email marketing can help your business please speak to us today.